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The Agreement
Welcome dear visitor,

to the registration department of TRC. It's here you register to write reviews. However, before we go on, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, you have to have a valid e-mail address register at TRC. This is merely a formality and you will be sent no additional mail - I pass these e-mail addresses on to no-one. They are only stored in the database for future use, in case you might forget your password, then you can have it sent to you. This requirement is not there for your inconvinience or to remove your anonymity, but unless you provide an e-mail address there will never be a way to retrieve a lost password. So to be blunt, this requirement is only there to aid you. Anyway - Below are the terms of agreement that you must agree to, to be able to utilize TRC and write reviews. If you do not agree with these terms, then I'm sorry - but TRC cannot offer you any services.

Terms of Agreement:

1. No abusing the services. This means trying to find ways to manipulate the system or in general handeling any material that one has not written. Any such attempts to disrupt or manipulate the provided services will result in a permanent removal of the users account and his/her reviews removed.

2. Level of professionalism. No excessive profanity and no one-liner reviews. If you have a simple oppinion about a game that you cannot express in a complete and formed set of statements (ideal for a review) then your oppinion belongs in a forum, not on TRC.

3. Only one account per user.

4. Materials usage permission. Any material(s) which you produce for this site (reviews etc.) may be duplicated and/or modified in any way for the use on this website as long as the original writer is still given credit. Any modification will not occur without notification to the author (provided that the given E-Mail Address is valid). Materials usage permission is only a sort of precaution for me, to make sure we are in agreement that I can publish your views on any game in question aswell as remove (or change) the reviews if I find them unfit or offensive.

5. Objective Reviews. It is in itself virtually impossible to write a completely objective review of something. It is however easy to go overboard with unrelated comments - which is why reviews with religious, or political expressions about one subject or another will be deleted. Games should get a good review because the game itself is good. Not because it happens to contain certain issues.

6. Disclaimer. This website may not work like its supposed to at certain occasions, and although I will and have done everything I can to secure TRC - I cannot guarentee 100% security with all the data contained within this website (passwords being included in that data), which is why I suggest you do not use any generic passwords you tend to use. In other words - I will not be held responsible for any data lost or damage caused by this website on or off it.

If any of the above statements are not met, or are ignored - then your account will be deleted and all your reviews will be removed. As you may have noticed, there are very few rules - which I hope means it won't be hard to follow them. But I do hope to recieve some good insightful reviews. It doesn't matter what your oppinion is of the game - as long as you can elaborate on your views and draw some logical conclusions from your statements.

I, Agree   I, Disagree