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Although the time in which TRC was coded probably amounts to about a week in total, it's been more of a 2 year project for me. Every line of code in TRC (everything from HTML and CSS to PHP and JavaScript) was written by me (Lasse Laursen). TRC spawned out of my old site named NRC (Neogeo Review Center) which I used to run. I had many requests concerning guest reviews and I felt that I'd never be able to keep up by dealing with each new review on my own - so I took on building this dynamic site. Along the way I have recieved help from numerous sources, such as which is filled with helpful articles and people, aswell as Developers Resources which has also been a tremendous help to me in figuring out alot of things. I've also recieved help from numerous amounts of people in the past and present when concerned with TRC - most of which are mentioned on the 'Thanks' page. Even though TRC itself was built by me - It has been built on certain fundamentals created by other individuals - all of which are listed below.

TRC is powered by the following fine software:

PHP Logo PHP is a server-side programming language (similar to ASP) which runs in the background, handeling everything from sessions to database interaction. Needless to say, without this - TRC would not exist, at least not in its current form. If you intend on opening a dynamic website - then PHP is something you should definetly think about using...

MySQL Logo MySQL is an excellent easy-to-use database system. Just like PHP, without MySQL TRC would not exist in its current form. MySQL allows for easy storage, sorting, and displaying of data. Another thing I simply could not do without.

Php my admin Logo In conjunction with PHP, phpMyAdmin helps any administrator easily interface with the MySQL Database. Using the pure SQL command set to interact with MySQL quickly becomes tedious and frustrating - but phpMyAdmin solves all these problems quickly and painlessly with a simple and easy interface.