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Alien vs. Predator (Euro 940520)


Review by RapFTB

Main Review
Alien vs Pred. is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in the style of "Double Dragon","Final Fight", etc. The big difference is that Capcom did a great job with the character designs and heavy action with tons of special effects. At start you have a choice of 1 of 4 characters to play with: Female human/cyborg, Predator Hunter, Male human/cyborg, Predator Warrior.The characters are large and well detailed with individual unique attacks and specil moves. The game has many unique levels with each level ending with a Boss battle with a special kind of Alien Boss. Their are constantly aliens of different sizes and powers creeping around to surround you and attack as well as give you a hard time while you're busy fighting one of the Bosses. The variety of Aliens is cool. There are even "Face-hugger" aliens that pop out of eggs,creep quickly around you, and jump up to attach to your face. There are also "Chest-buster" aliens that burst out of the chests of dead bodies that look like just background scenery. The 2 Cyborg characters carry big guns and grenades while the 2 Predators have their Spear & shoulder laser. There are guns, knives,etc. to pick up as well as food & valuables.

Very good character models as well as a large variety of Alien types. There are unique Alien bosses at end of each level that look great. The backgrounds are well drawn with many breakable items. Good explosions, special moves.

Its pretty fun to destroy bunches of different Aliens and evil Humans trying to breed the Aliens for their Corporation. Lots of shooting and fighting to keep you very busy! You dont get bored as there is always something going on. Its not like a lot of other games of this type that have constant clones of different colors coming at you over and over. There is enough variety to keep you entertained. Special effects, explosions, etc. increase fun.

The sounds are pretty much accurate with th Aliens theme but could have been better. With all th action you probably wont notice.

I played this on my "Samsung Epic 4g" using "MAME" from "Tiger Arcade". With my slide-out keyboard I was able to have a pretty good control of the constant action. The graphics and sounds were pretty accurate from what I remember of the arcade I spent so many quarters on. I didn't notice much slow-down unless there were many enemies on-screen with explosions & special moves going off at the same time. Very accurate and smooth.

Fun,action packed, good graphics & effects, good replay value