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Special thanks to...

Over the years, there have been several sources of additional help to the website I've been running (among other things). Most of these sources (being human beings) are entiteled to credit, because credit should be given where it's due, and if I were to tell you (now more than ever) that I was the single person responsible for the existance of this website - then I'd be lying through my teeth.

I've recieved a great deal of help from a wide variety of people, and should the case be that I have not mentioned you on this page - then please do not take this a personal insult. Keeping more than 30 nicknames in mind, let alone 100 is (at least for me,) a hard task - so I hope you will forgive me if I have forgotten you. Feel free to mail me concerning this atrocity. ;)

The great big thanks to the following people:

Atila (of Retrogames and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

If it wasn't for this person, then this website wouldn't even be here in the first place - and you probably wouldn't be reading this... At least not on this domain. Whatever the case may be, I feel I owe a great thanks to atila for hosting me (and in turn for hosting him. Atila is also the first person I badger whenever I have removed a punktuation from my site or added 1/8th of a new review etc.

Gav (of #cps2shock (on NEW-net))

Gav has been another major influence on my website, mostly because he ran a Neo-Geo review website himself. He's basically supported me from the beginning, weather it was lending an ear or helping me with the site - he's been there to help me. Unfortunately Gav's site when down along with was one of the best emulation related sites back when emulation was young and roms were still rampant. Maybe Gav will open up a new site someday... Only time will tell...

Bytie (of #retrogamers (on EFnet))

I suppose you could call Bytie my first fan. Well - I feel like I'm sort of "degrading" him by calling him a fan - but I'm sure he won't mind ;-). What I mean is - he's been along from the start of this site. As I got to know him better he's been annoying me about the color of NRC aswell as TRC and helping me out whenever he could. I couldn't have done it without him :-).

Sixtoe (of System 16 and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

Sixtoe is another person who's been a big help. Not as much on the page - as our LAN that runs here at home. He's helped me alot (especially with the annoying TCP/IP protocol) and recently Sixtoe took over from ShinobiZ who used to run it. Sixtoe is a good friend and an excellent webmaster. I can only recommend visiting his site which he updates regularly and in large copious amounts...

±θΗφΌφ (of ±θΗφΌφ)

No - That's not a typo. This person has been a tremendous help to me. He helped me working out bugs in regards to my 2nd Design of NRC. Eventhough I decided to trash it - I still got a large amount of help from this individual. I haven't really been in contact with this individual for a long time - and his site never seems to budge... Just like mine :-).

I'd also like to thank the following people:

Daniel Laursen (of 2-Bit Soft and #k&p (on DALnet))

My Brother. Well - What can I say other than a best friend for life. Supportive, kind, and decent in veryway. I cannot imagine life without a brother, and I think that says it all.

D-Zine (of Old games are Shite)

D-Zine is a very particular and peculiar person. He's one of the people I've known longest in the emulation community and he's also the person who I've learned alot from. As for his personality - I think the following quote says it best "Seems rough on the outside, but once you get to know him, you'll find he's actually kinda girly and into pink fluffy things".

DaemoN_ (of ROAR! The Videogame Museum. and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

A kindly creature lurking around on the dungeon named #retrogamers. Known for being a level 8 demon and quick at a kick - handle with care :). If treated properly - the creature is kind, helpful and generous.

Razoola (of CPS-2 Shock and #cps2shock (on NEW-net))

Razoola is one of the most respected contributers to the emulation community having cracked the CPS-2 system which plagued many emu-enthusiasts. I know Razoola well, and call him a friend. Even he has helped me out by looking at this site at its tattered beginnings...

Gridle (of MAME and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

Gridle helped me while I was sorting out the Netscape compatability with an earlier TRC model which took longer than I expected. I really dislike Netscape (4.xx) for being having such strict interpretation of HTML. It took me about five hours to "redo" the design to fit NS standard and it still wasn't perfect. Anyway - Gridle is also the PR side of MAME.

JPMorgan (of A Carl Banks / Uncle Scrooge Tribute and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

Yet another kindly person who's helped me out in the testing department concerning TRC aswell as providing me with some strange yet interesting stories :).

Dave (of Videogaming Network and #cps2shock (on NEW-net))

Dave's site was the first site I ever visited (and kept on visiting) concerning emulation. It was the first site that revealed the truth and the possibilites behind the ideas. Truly Dave helped me by exposing NRC back in the day - and I often exchange a few words with him online.

JoseQ (of former EmuViews and #retrogamers (on EFnet))

JoseQ has helped me from the very beginning with my website - be it from general advice to helping me advertise the site on all the emu-news sites. Unfortunately JoseQ's excellent EmuViews is no longer active. Although the site still exists and most everything is still up - no one is managing the site. It's a real shame...

Last but not least I'd like to thank the following groups of people:

Crashtest, [NGF], Rep, MikeDX, DcDemon, and NaMcO.

The rom dumpers are the very corner stone of the emu-community. Without the roms to emulate, there would be no emulation at all of any kind. It's thanks to people like NAZ, ARAcorn, Org2, Team Japump and numerous others that we can relive old classics. Thanks goes out to them.

All the emulator authors out there also deserve my deepest gratitude for allowing me to relive old memories and writing such software and distributing it for free. Without the emulation authors the emu-community would never have gotten off it's feet. More specifically I'd like to thank the authors of Nesticle, Snes9x, Zsnes, NLKSNES, Raine, MAME, System16, WinUAE, CSS64, The Impact, Final Burn and last, but certainly not least NeoRageX.

Finally, my thanks go out to you, and all the other supports of emulation. As with the rest, the community would not exist if it weren't for the fans. Eventhough the community has grown alot since it started, and certain "unwanted" influences have crossed it - I doubt that it will ever cease to exist, especially because of the large amount of supporters in the actual community. Thank you.