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What is TRC?

To really know what TRC is all about, I suggest you read the history page to get the whole story. But for those who simply want the jist of things - here it is:

TRC is a completely dynamic review system for Arcade games. It puts you in the writers seat, and allows you to write a review for any or all of the games contained within the TRC database (which keeps growing as I add new systems). Reviewing a game is as easy as 1-2-3. First, create an account by registering with TRC. Secondly, decide which game you want to review. Third, Review it. It's that simple. Your review will instantly show up the database and webpages the instant you finish it - for anyone who visits TRC to enjoy. TRC lives on contribution, and if noone reviews the games, then TRC will never grow. So I urge you to see if there's any game you've played and been passionate about which you'd like to review.

And don't forget to have fun... ;-)